3 Books That Seriously F*cked My Mind; Why You Should Read Them

Renuka Gavrani
5 min readMar 19, 2022

I have read various kinds of books and enjoy reading almost every genre. However, there are some books that you don’t enjoy but these books f*ck your mind and take you in another world of possibilities.

Well, I am talking 3 such books the f*cked my mind and my reaction to these books was, ‘What the hell did I just read?’

And I am quite sure, you will have similar reaction if you read these.

3 Books That Seriously F*cked My Mind:

1. The Four Agreements:

What if I say that whatever you believe in is not true? What if I say that your entire existence is just an illusion? Chances are high you will throw a big tomato on my face, wouldn’t you?

But what if someone can prove that your beliefs and your entire journey till now is just an illusion?

Our generation is quite obsessed with the mere word of ‘judgements’. You open your Instagram and there will be a bunch of people lecturing you over ‘why you shouldn’t judge others?’

Well, the answer lies in The Four Agreements. The Four Agreements discuss how we create false beliefs, how we first judge ourselves and then others.

For example: According to The Four Agreements, we can never judge others without judging ourselves first and the scenario starts something like this, let’s say you believe that an intelligent student is only someone who scores good marks in the class. You, on the other hand, score bare minimum percentage. Now, first you judge yourself and compare yourself with the topper that how he/she is more intelligent than you. You feel really bad and sad about yourself but then starts the ego game. Our sad mind tries to find the comforting place so you judge other students and say ‘this boy is so stupid, he doesn’t even know how to spell difficult words’

You judge them and feel better that at least you are better than somebody else. And this is how your sad mind takes the form of ego and starts judging others. But all of this started because you had a false belief.

Let’s take another example,

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