4-Steps Magic Formula to Give You Extra Time to Work on Your Side Hustle/Passion

Renuka Gavrani

1. Track Your Week Like a Detective:

You know how, when you meet a nutritionist for the first time, they ask you to keep a food diary for a week so you know every single thing you consume? This is exactly the same idea. I want you to keep a diary of your time for a week and write down everything that you do in a day. Not just write down what you do but also write down how many hours an activity took. Keep it detailed, right from grocery shopping to watching Netflix, from getting ready for the office to eating dinner, everything.

2. Five to Strive:

After analyzing your diary, figure out where you have time to add 5 hours a week to work on your goals. Don’t give me looks! 5 hours might sound like too much but it’s not that much time in a week. It’s less than one hour every day. Adjusting or fixing 5 hours in a week isn’t that tough if you treat it as Five to Strive as a sacred value.

3. Minimum but Best:

You must be thinking that ‘Renuka, 5 hours a week isn’t enough to work on my goals and that’s the reason I wasn’t starting it in the first place

4. Plan Your Schedule Weekly:

Instead of planning your month ahead or not planning things at all, I suggest you plan your week ahead. The reason is that when you plan the whole month before it starts, you might not achieve anything. Sometimes, we sit to plan things out of motivation and end up overstuffing our month. As a result, neither you remember what you wanted to accomplish nor do you feel good about yourself.




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Renuka Gavrani

Renuka Gavrani

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