A Trip to Life Before the Internet; I Am Travelling Back to 90s & Why You Should Too

Can you list 5 games you used to play as a child when the internet wasn’t famous? I am sure you can because I can. I can list all the things my cousins and I used to do when we were kids.

Right from sneaking out of the house just to roam around the neighborhood with my little cousin to banging on the doors of every friend I had in my colony to enjoy the evening. Time never flew unconsciously when we were kids.

I can clearly recall everything from my childhood. Everything that makes me smile, laugh, and nostalgic. Everything that makes me hate this new robotic digital world. Life was alive and breathing back then but now, we are just plucked on our devices as if that’s what gives air to our lungs.

And the worst part is that not only adults but also kids are glued to their screens. God knows what are these parents thinking!

As much as the internet is essential in today’s world, I think it’s a thief of our relationships. We are sitting with our friends/family but scrolling social media feed just so we don’t miss what’s trending in the world. We have somehow found comfort in our screen than in the eyes of our loved ones. We are ready to share our hottest picture with the world for a few likes but don’t even think of creating candid memories with the people who we can lose at any time.

For all I know, I hate social media even when I make money from it. I hate it because it has made our hearts plastic and artificial. There is no longing to see the world but just to see some random people dancing on Instagram reels.

As much as I know, human life doesn’t come with a fixed expiry date and we never know how much time we are left with. We don’t know when we will lose our breath or someone we love. Yet, if you look around or rather look within you, you will see we are wasting our time as if we are here for infinity.

We don’t care anymore about anything. We don’t care about going out and having fun. We don’t care about creating memories with the people we love.

Although, we do care about the filters our pictures have. We care about the perfect caption we post. We care about sharing cute and hot streaks on Snapchat. We care about scrolling social media whenever our mind starts telling us about how it feels. We care about people we don’t know but make it a point to neglect those who are sitting beside us. We respect the people who have thousands of followers but insult our parents/elders.


I wonder if we keep going like this, then one day kids would want to stay at home and record reels/TikTok rather than dreaming big, playing hard, and making excuses not to study.

But this has to end with you and me. If not for anyone then for yourself. You have to take back control of your life and start living in the present moment. You have to make this one life count. I am not asking you to go out and work your ass off and become the most successful person. All I am saying is to take a pause from your digital world and look around. Look around and see how much you are missing out on. Look around and see you have the best people to love you.

And if you are interested in living like there is no one and nothing to show off, here is how I am living life & you can too:

I am a content creator and most of my work gets done on my mobile or laptop. However, if it wasn’t, I would have deleted all my social media profiles without thinking twice.

I deleted my personal Instagram account almost 6 months back and I cannot tell you how happy and satisfied I feel after that. I don’t get to know unnecessary cherry-picked information about other’s life. Hence, all my focus is on my life with no comparison to what others are doing.

Though I wouldn’t ask you to do the same. Social media can be a really cool place to learn while having some fun only if you follow the people whose content doesn’t make you question your life. However, if you don’t draw a line of limit, you might get lost in the crowded world of your feed.

I would suggest you schedule time for using social media. For example; I lock my phone in my wardrobe at 9 PM every night so I don’t end my day having someone else’s thoughts in my mind. I don’t use the phone in the morning for the first hour. Then I set a limit for Instagram (I use it the most) of 15 minutes. If I constantly use Instagram for more than 15 minutes, I get a notification.

You can also draw some rules so that you have the freedom to use social media but mindfully.

If you want to take a proper break, I would suggest you delete social media apps for a while like a week or a month. And see how you yearn for using it. That’s when you will get to know how addicted and dependent you are.

The best thing about childhood was we didn’t have the cutest and most expensive stuff yet we were joyful. Not just happy but JOYFUL as if our soul is having fun on earth.

So, it’s time to give yourself the joy you deserve.

You are so used to entertainment that if quit social media and don’t do something equally fun then you will go back to your addiction. Hence, take a trip back to your childhood. How?

Well, promise yourself of:

  • Enjoying one hobby that you loved as a child like drawing, DIY craft, dancing, or anything that makes you happy.
  • Play a game you used to play as a child with your friends, family, or kids. I used to play hide & seek a lot. You can even call your friends and ask them if they would like to join you to recreate some childhood memories.
  • Or You can even read your favorite comic book or storybook. I used to read ‘Champak’ books a lot. My father used to buy them for me whenever he was traveling as those books were only available at railway stations or airports. Oh My God. Just by writing about it, I feel like I will cry.

As I said, you will have all the time in the world when you will step into the real world. And you need to use that time in a way that real-world becomes more interesting and exciting than a bunch of TikTok videos.

How can you do that?

Well, you can start working on an idea that hunts you every now and then. An idea that you were so excited about. An idea that makes you up your dream project. You can start by working on your dream project just for 15 minutes which is quite small so don’t complain.

Or you can help someone in need by joining an NGO or nursing home. If you don’t have grandparents of your own, go to a nursing home and care for the people who are abandoned by their own families. Trust me, these old people have more to share with you about the world than a search on Google. They need support and care and love.

I love old people for some reason. So, I have decided to give my free time in the service of a nursing home and listen to some stories from the people who are waiting to be heard for once.

Offering help to those in need will not only make this world better but also free you from the pain. You will become more compassionate, loving, caring and kind which I believe are the greatest achievements.

I was horrified to see that I was finding it difficult to spend time with myself. How did we grow so apart from our own souls?

And that is when I started scheduling time for myself. Just me and my soul. I try to do new things when I am spending time with myself like

  • Going on a solo date
  • Going for a walk around my city
  • Going to a temple (I love the peace of the temple)
  • Trying different ways of Journaling
  • Dancing to a song that I loved as a child

You can try any of this or anything else that you think will help you get closer to yourself. You wouldn’t know the answer immediately but as you spend alone, you will start learning and reading yourself like a book. So for now, you can do any of the activities that I do.

I think life would be way too interesting if we start living it rather than just passing the time. If you can take one thing from this blog, take this, take a pause, close your eyes and try to remember the days when you were your happiest version. Do these days involve your mobile? If not, then I hope you know what to do.



100K on Instagram. I talk about books, self-love, & self-improvement. For ghost writing gigs; renukawork1@gmail.com

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Renuka Gavrani

100K on Instagram. I talk about books, self-love, & self-improvement. For ghost writing gigs; renukawork1@gmail.com