A World Where You Don’t Feel ‘Incomplete or Unworthy’

Renuka Gavrani
5 min readFeb 24, 2024

Life is different for people living in villages versus people living in cities.

For the first time in 2.5 years, I have not written a single article on Medium for 10 days. I started writing on Medium in late 2021 and since then I have been writing one article every two days. I have published 333 articles to date.

During these 2.5 years, I have received immense love on the platform so much so that I started believing in the power of my words and wrote two books.

Now you must be wondering why am I telling you this when the title of this article reflects something entirely different.

Well, that’s the thing you see.

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The Difference:

Recently, I visited my father’s friend who lives in a small village in India. It was a very short trip. We went and returned on the same day.

Before visiting the village, I had a little thought in my mind, ‘How lucky I am to live in the city and have all the resources and luxury around me.’

However, when I reached there and spent some time, here is what shocked me deep within my veins:

The Missing Idea of ‘Worth’:

Do you feel ‘you are good enough?’

If not, then WHY?

If yes, how do you define your worth?

And how many times have you heard in your life ‘You are worth it, you deserve to be happy, you are perfect, you deserve love, and the like?’

Social media today is filled with such quotes and they work really well too. Why?

Because apparently, most of us believe we are not good enough. We doubt our worth based on the titles we have or haven’t achieved. Our intelligence level is judged based on our report card at school/college. And don’t even get me started on the beauty standards we have set.

Look around you or maybe deep within you. You will see how deep inside people feel so insecure about themselves. I have come across a few girls in life who are literal fairies on earth but somehow they believe they are not good enough or pretty enough. I have met a few men who think they haven’t achieved enough and they are running late in life.

There is a sense of incompleteness in all of us and we are trying to make ourselves complete either by being more or buying more.

There is a reason why in the past few years, so many books, podcasts, and YouTube channels have started on ‘you are worth it.’

Of course, you are worth everything. But why and who made you question it in the first place that you aren’t worth it? That you are not good enough?

I cannot go deep into the issue in the article, but I must tell you when I visited that village and interacted with people, I realized “they don’t have the idea of ‘worthiness’ at all in their lives.”

You and I have to read quotes to believe we are worth it. We need to read and listen to someone else on a loop to convince ourselves that we are good.

But people in the village never even thought that they were not good enough. If you tell them ‘You are worth it,’ they may not even understand what you are talking about. Because to them, that sense of ‘incompleteness’ was never there.

While we are surrounded by the judgments and constant matrix of comparison that make us question our worth, villagers are surrounded by trees, clean water, family, and love that make them feel complete.

Their idea of worth is not dependent on how many articles they have written or how many books they have published. Or should I say they don’t have anything to base their worth on?

Looking at them, I felt jealous. Jealous because I was wondering What does it feel like to never fight against your own mind? How does it feel to be so complete that you never had to convince yourself that you are good enough?’

Isn’t that beautiful to feel complete and be surrounded by nature all the time?

So, tell me who is luckier? We, who live in the city and get constant reminders about why we aren’t enough. Or Villagers who are enjoying the true pleasures of life without ever doubting their worthiness?

What Can We Do?

What if we, you and I, create a world where the idea of ‘worth’ is missing?

What if instead of saying ‘I am worth it’, we try to get back to that feeling of being so complete that nothing can ever make us believe otherwise?

What if we sit down every once in a while and remind ourselves that the God who created the rainbow, mountains, trees, oceans, and air is the same God who created us? Of course, he made us perfect. And as long as we are here on the earth he built, we deserve everything.

What if you solidify your faith in yourself so much that you don’t need constant reminders of ‘I am worth it.’

What if you delete all those judgments and comments and remove the matrix that made you question your worthiness? And what if you start to feel good about the shape of your eyes, the length of your hair, and the life you already have?

Maybe then one day, you and I will start to believe so much in ourselves that we will feel completely deep within ourselves without any insecurities.


I don’t know why I started writing this article when I was watching a YouTube video with no intent to write. Though, I felt a sudden urge to tell the world that ‘I am not worth it.’ Because you can feel worthy only when there is something to measure yourself against. I was created perfect. And everything that is a part of earth is a part of me.

So, let me say it, I am not worth it. I am nothing. I am neither good enough nor pretty enough. I am just I.

You can only be worthy when you tick a checklist. As long as you have the idea of feeling ‘worthy enough’ in your mind, your mind will always try to find things to justify your worth.

But I am not willing to live that way. I want to live freely where I don’t have to look for things constantly to remind myself ‘I am worth it.’

I want to live FREE. I am no longer interested in being good or worthy enough. Let me be free from this idea and maybe then I shall find my completeness inside my heart waiting for me to come home.



Renuka Gavrani

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