Age Like Fine Wine; Here Is How I Celebrated My Birthday & Why You Should Take A Note

Ain’t I really age like fine wine?
Ain’t I really age like fine wine?

What Changed This Year?

This year has been a pure blessing to me. I have never been this happy or rather satisfied with life as much as I am now. This year, I started taking Medium seriously. This year, I found out that I want to be an author. This year, I started my self-improvement journey. This year, I started decluttering toxic people and stuff from my life. This year, I started questioning my choices, my thoughts, my behavior, my words, and my preferences. This year, I started observing what makes me happy, sad, and angry. This year, I found out that my words have power and now it’s on me how to use that power.

1. Living In My Dream Place:

Believe it or not, your soul belongs to a place that exists somewhere far away from your hometown. I like to think of it as a ‘dream place’ of my soul. It’s like your soul craves to live in that one place that is beyond your reach at this moment. But at the same, the mere thought of going to that one city/country pushes you to work hard.

2. Pampering Myself:

Can you remember when was the last time you made an extra offer to make yourself feel special?

3. Back to Old School:

The very first thing I did in the morning (after the usual chores) was to write two letters, one to my 10-year-old self and the second to my 30-year-old self.

4. Gratitude Time:

Have you ever said thanks to your mother for no reason?


The whole purpose of writing this blog is to make you realize that you are important and you have a higher purpose on this earth. So, don’t treat yourself as if your existence doesn’t count for anything. The Universe wants you to live and experience life in a way that sets the bar high. Make mistakes, make love. Feel special for who you are and let others feel special when they are around you. Live life the way you want, not by the rules of society. Make your life the best story ever written. And most importantly don’t count your age by years, count your experiences, count the places you have traveled, count the hearts you have touched, and count the blessings of your life.



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