Beautiful Things Don’t Ask for Attention & So Shouldn’t You

Renuka Gavrani
6 min readJan 30, 2023

There is something wrong, a common misfortune living in all of us. A burning desire to grab everyone’s attention in the room.

And why not?

Americans have done a great job of shifting our attention from character values to communication skills. It started way before Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends & Influence People. We birthed an era where we have to apply hacks or techniques to win friends or manipulate people to find us attractive.

Look around you or within you, and you will find how hard people are trying to get attention. No one gives a second thought to what they think of themselves but rather what others would think of them. Result?

We feel ashamed to like certain hobbies that are not ‘cool.’ We learn to conceal our true selves under the mask of a big smile, well-accepted manners, and claiming to like things that everyone finds amusing. We laugh at jokes that we don’t find funny. We wear clothes that make us uncomfortable. We redesign our bodies and paint our souls in the colors of society.

I am not a great writer nor English is my first language so I cannot explain the excruciating pain that aches my little heart whenever I unconsciously do things just to fit in.

I often wonder ‘what can go wrong if no one pays attention to us? Will that kill us? Or Will that introduce us to ourselves? Will that show us how pathetic we are becoming? Or will that make us realize that perhaps we are not a doll that everyone would like to have?

I cannot pinpoint when we become addicted to attention but I do know that ‘beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

Sun shines every day. Some hate it while others wait for summers to bring rays of sunshine that brighten up their day. Moon is alone even among thousands of stars and it is full of flaws yet somehow it makes us write poetry on its beauty. Flowers grow and die but we find their color soothing to the eyes.

Some people try harder to get your attention but your friends (real ones) will have all your attention as soon as they walk into the room. They lift your mood, make you laugh, create sweet-bitter memories with you that bring tears of joy to your eyes, and give you a…



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