Being Selfish Can Kill You from Inside

Renuka Gavrani
9 min readJun 8

‘Becoming selfish is the best thing I ever did,’ I heard this statement from one of the famous YouTubers a few days back where she was inspiring people to become selfish. Leave the world on its own, just focus on yourself, don’t help anyone, and blah blah stuff that people are watching on binge these days.

The problem with our generation is that we don’t use our brains correctly. We blindly follow anyone. Literally anyone. We do things for others. We don’t get it back from them and then decide, ‘Well okay, time to become selfish.’

Darling firstly, if you change your behavior based on the other person then WHO ARE YOU?

My father always said this to me and I will say it to you, ‘it doesn’t matter who or what the other person is like. What matters is do you hold onto yourself? It doesn’t matter if they did good or not. What matters is did you stick to your goodness?’

But look at the world today. We all are becoming increasingly selfish and apparently, we feel proud of it. Why?

Because some random YouTuber said that becoming selfish is the best thing you will ever do. No! In my belief, becoming selfish will only kill you from the inside.

If you are a good human with a soft touch then becoming selfish will kill your identity. It will take you away from who you truly are.

And then tell me how will ever find peace and happiness when the fire of revenge is burning inside you?

Having said that, I know some people are waiting to just absorb every bit of goodness from you. Some people take advantage of you, and when you need them, you find yourself alone. And in that case, you might think that becoming selfish is the best option.

But honey, just because some people are bad doesn’t mean the world is a bad place. The world needs people like you who can light up any room with their gentleness.

However, I am all in for standing up for yourself when the time comes.

Now you must be thinking that ‘Renuka, why don’t you take a second to clear your mind and stick to one thing?’

I mean on one side I am saying that we shouldn’t become selfish and stay good. While on the other hand, I am asking you to…

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