How And What I Write In My Journal: How To Maintain A Journal

How I Write My Journal And What Do I Write:

As I said earlier, journaling is an art but at the same time, you have to learn how to be an artist. In the simplest words, Journaling means collecting your ideas that are wandering in your head. When you journal, you become conscious of your thoughts, what exactly were you thinking, why were you thinking so, and how these thoughts are hurting you.

My Journal Process:

When I started keeping a journal, I thought that I was doing well in life but it’s after the journal that I realized what all things are going wrong in my life and how the multiple thoughts are the reason of my distraction towards important tasks. That’s when I started writing down what I feel and think in this way,

1. Don’t Follow Any Rules:

There are some books and people that recommend writing a journal either in the morning or at night. But, as I said earlier, journaling is the way to set yourself free so there shouldn’t be any rules and pressure.

2. Address God/Universe:

If you are someone who doesn’t have a best friend or you don’t like to share your secrets with people then share it with the God/Universe.

3. Don’t Think and Shut Your Mind:

Some people say that close your eyes, take a deep breath and think what you are feeling then write it down. But I think when you give time to your brain for thinking, it creates even more confusion.

4. Don’t judge yourself while writing:

There are too many good talks these days that everyone has started thinking that they are God. Let me tell you one thing, no one is perfect. Everyone feels jealous, greedy, hateful, etc. To be honest, you can never condemn these feelings because it’s a part of human nature and you can’t fight against your nature.

5. Write As You Talk:

Growing up, I only had one wish and that is to have one best friend. Apparently, when I couldn’t find any human best friend, I made Lord Krishna my best friend. You can also make your God, your best friend.

6. End Note:

Lord Krishna once said, “This too shall pass” which means be it good time or bad time, both will pass. On tough days when I feel low, everything is going wrong in my life, I first write down what all is happening then I end my journal by writing,

7. Practice Gratitude:

Once I helped my friend in her project. In return, she didn’t even say Thanks to me. How mean, selfish and manner less, right? Well, we all call such people selfish who always take but when it comes to giving, these selfish people even don’t even say “thank you”



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