How I Am Planning to Start 2023; How to Make 2023 Your Best Year With Clear Goals & Intentions

Renuka Gavrani
7 min readDec 2, 2022

Can anyone really believe that the new year is about to start and 2022 is ending?

Honestly speaking, I am still living in 2019 mentally as that’s when I was still in college with my friends having fun. But since the lockdown happened in 2020, I think I stopped counting years, months, weeks, or even days. Every day is the same. Just a reflection of one another (experience-wise)

However, a lot changed for me in the past 2 years. And as this year is about to end, I can say that setting goals and planning stuff is all useless. If I look back in time and connect the dots, I cannot see a single event that turned out as I expected. Everything exceeded my imagination in ways that I want to scream ‘GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE & LIVE AS A WRITER’

And in this article, I want to ease a few things for you, to unload the burden that influencers will throw on you and help you design 2023 intentionally while also ending 2022 with peace. So shall we?

1. Take a Pause & Reflect in Peace:

I personally believe that this is the toughest time to be alive in this robotic digital world. Everyone has a whole speech prepared for you that how you wasted a whole year and that you must adopt these 5 habits and mindset shifts to become successful in the next year. Well, that is not something new. This is yet another kind of pressure that people make money from.

But you need to be gentle with yourself. You need to look at the year not with the intention of judging yourself or looking for how many milestones you have achieved. You need to look at this year as how much you have grown as a person. How many times did you give a TedTalk to yourself for not giving up and to keep going on?

No one knows what you have been through, or how many struggles you have had. And how tough it was for you to believe in yourself. But in the end here you are. So, look at yourself with the intention of learning from your failed attempts. And be proud of your small to big wins that people may not understand but they mean the world to you. And as you step into the next year, know that you don’t have to do better than the rest but just do your best so



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