How I Cured My Mobile Addiction & Started Learning a New Skill Every Month

Here Is How I Freed Myself from the Cage of Social Media Addiction:

1. Know Your Current Situation:

Just as I shared, I was spending more than 6 hours in a day on my mobile, similarly, you have to find out how much time in a day are you spending on your mobile phone. And that’s not enough, you should analyze how much time you are devoting to each social media site. There are plenty of social media applications like Instagram (my guilty place), Twitter, Pinterest, Netflix (I consider it as a social application too), and the like.

2. Hide The Evil:

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is one of the most popular quotes that has helped me in curing my addiction to social media to some extent. Our brain is a lazy ass that can be trained in the way you want.

3. Keep The Child Entertained:

Consider your mobile phone the mother and your brain the child. I know it’s a weird example but here is the logic behind it:


You have only a few days here on earth. These few days may seem like years yet if you look back in time, you will realize how you wasted so much time because of a stupid gadget that is taking over you.



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Renuka Gavrani

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