How Writing on Medium for 10 Months Transformed Me As a Writer; Thanks to All the 10,000 Medium Readers

Renuka Gavrani
5 min readOct 6, 2022

I started writing on Medium in December 2021 and now with more than 10 months, 100+ stories, and 10,000+ readers following my words, I think my heart might come out of my chest to first hug myself and then to each and every one of you.

Honestly speaking, I started writing on Medium because I didn’t have any clients for the freelancing business. That was the time when all my college mates were earning great money, having vacations, and buying stuff with their own money. Hence, I was jealous and I just wanted to prove to myself that I am doing something at least.

However, these 10 months, or rather my readers have changed everything for me.

When I started writing on Medium, I used to consider myself just a freelance writer. I knew I write but never considered myself a writer but a freelancer. But after writing on Medium, I discovered I am a writer and freelancing is a source of my income. Writing is my passion whereas freelancing is my business.

Lesson: To all the writers or aspiring writers, don’t introduce yourself as a freelance writer nor tag yourself as one. Consider freelancing your business but live as a writer who is passionate to write, to scribble down thy imagination. If you identify yourself as just a freelancer, you are practically closing the doors of acknowledging yourself as a real writer.

Not everything is glorifying though. Since I am from a country where Stripe doesn’t work, people used to ask me, Why do you still write on Medium?

And trust me, they don’t ask to know the answer. Their question seems more like a statement that sounds like 'Are you an idiot who knows Medium is not going to pay yet you seem to not care?

Lesson: The bottom line is people don’t care what you do, they are just going to judge you on the basis of what they can understand. People cannot see what you see. People cannot feel what your heart feels. So, never waste a single second of your life worrying about ‘what people think of you’

I was feeling the love I was receiving and I was seeing myself growing as a writer. My first few articles suck so much that if I read them now, I wonder ‘how in the world can one make so many mistakes?’

But now, here we are.

Lesson: You don’t become an expert by thinking or learning about it. You need to practice consistently without fearing judgment and failure. I didn’t become a writer by doing some expensive course or degree, I became a writer by writing consistently. If I stop writing now, I wouldn’t be a writer anymore. With every piece you write, you become a better writer, 1% better than the other day.

Whatever your field is, just start. Practice like there is no end result. Practice as if your work is your God. That’s what Krishan says in Bhagavad Gita, ‘worship your work, that’s your only duty’

I didn’t start when I knew what I wanted to write about or where I see myself as a writer nor had I any experience. But I started because I knew, ‘regrets hurt more than failure’

Lesson: You don’t have to figure it all out when you are just starting. A little seed of curiosity is all it takes to create a beautiful tall tree with the fruits of your hard work hanging on it. People think they have to know everything right when the idea lends in their mind. People need assurance in their minds that everything is going to fall into place just as they imagined. And when the path seems rocky and dark, you don’t even start because there is a fear of ‘what if’


When you don’t take action, you never get to know what was waiting for you at the end of difficulties. Not taking action means killing the seed of curiosity, killing the desire of your inner child who wanted to achieve something but your adult mind was occupied in fear of a thousand trivial things.

“Allow your curiosity to guide you instead of letting your fear divert you into regrets”

For example, I have received immense love on Medium and I am extremely grateful for the same. However, what is the next big step? Medium was a new platform to me and writing on it when I didn’t know who I am was a big step for me but what’s after this? Should I just be grateful, happy and comfortable with where I am?

Hell NO!

My next big step is WRITING MY OWN BOOK. Yes, you heard that right. I am writing a book. Honestly, since the time I decided to write a book, my mind has been jumping like a kangaroo with one idea after another. But that’s where I have to be an essentialist and a little patient. I will be writing two books- fiction and non-fiction. Gosh! It is going to take a lot of time, effort, stupid self-doubting thoughts, and a lot more but it’s going to happen.

Lesson: New beginnings are going to be scary but that shouldn’t be an excuse not to do something. Your mind is going to first give you an idea then give you thousands of reasons ‘why you cannot do it’ Perhaps, even your mind wants to test who you choose- your dreams or some random excuses. The choice is, however, yours to make. The choice is the only luxury that everyone is born with. You either give up your power to make an informed choice or you forget you can make one.

“Make choices not excuses to lead your dream life”

In the end, believe in yourself that you can and you will. No one can make you feel passionate with their support if you don’t believe in your capabilities so, trust yourself. Trust me, if you can think of it, you can achieve it.

I don’t know what my book is going to be like nor do I have any mentor to guide me how to write a book but I am going to do it. Because if I can imagine it then somewhere I know, I CAN so I SHALL.


I am beyond grateful today for each and every one of you. People who send sweet supportive DMs, emails, and encouraging comments. I even know the names of some people. People from my dream countries like Germany and France. People from my home country. I am thankful for your support. I hope you will be with me until I last write (I am going to write until my last breath)

It’s because of my readers I could even think of writing a book. So, again Thanks a lot for making me believe in myself and I hope this blog makes you believe in you.



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