How You Can Train Your Brain to Work in Your Favor Not Against You; It’s Time to be Proud of Yourself

How You Can Train Your Brain to Work in Your Favor Not Against You

1. Claim Your Power Back:

The first step, hence, is to take back your POWER. Claim your power back and become the boss of the brain instead of becoming its servant.

2. Prove Your Brain You’re In Power:

You must have noticed that when it comes to building a great habit, you constantly struggle. Even when you apply all the techniques, you cannot seem to enjoy the process, hence you leave it in between. Whereas habits that are bad for you are contagious. You think of using social media just for 10 minutes but you find yourself laughing at a random meme 1 hour later on the same social media.

  1. Dopamine (will talk about it next)
  2. You have never done hard things

3. Dopamine:

Have you ever wondered why you are not able to get rid of your social media addiction? And why even after trying really hard, you don’t find books interesting?

  1. Find out what’s higher dopamine activity for you. Take a day or two to analyze what keeps you so excited and engulfed that you forget about other important work.
  2. Eliminating higher dopamine activity completely is a little impossible at first. Hence, try to do lower dopamine activity first like studying, working, or anything else that brings you closer to your goals.
  3. You can do higher dopamine activities after your work is done. In fact, to keep your brain motivated, you can use higher dopamine activities to reward yourself after all your work is done. This way you wouldn’t be wasting your time and energy on higher dopamine first and you will also feel motivated to work on lower dopamine activities aka important tasks.


These techniques are used by me first in my own life and I still use them whenever I need to build a good habit or eliminate the bad one. Although, all of this may sound practical and motivating at first, what you need to remember is that you have been used by your brain for your entire life. Hence, you have to be really focused and dedicated so that your brain doesn’t come back in power and make you and your life miserable. It’s the time when you take the matter in your hand and make it BIG in life.



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