I Am Shutting the World Around Me to Build a New World Inside Me; Why You Should Too

Renuka Gavrani
7 min readMay 28

There was a time in history when people were able to breathe fresh air, eat fresh farm-grown food, laugh with their loved ones, and live a long yet happy life.

To them, death was a real thing. They knew death could take them away from every beauty of mother nature that they enjoy.

But today, people are running behind success so that they can build a stable lifestyle for their family on the condition to either stay away from family or not get enough time to laugh with them. We eat gross-machine made-unhealthy food that creates a bunch of diseases for us to fight against in our early 40s. And of course, we are breathing pollution while creating a legacy of using social media for fun, entertainment, and connection.

If you see logically, death is not a real thing to us. We are already choosing not to enjoy any of mother nature’s miracles. In fact, we waste them because who cares for water pollution when you can walk around like a sexy diva? (fast fashion is the second largest polluter in the world.)

And who has time for their parents when we can all sit on our beds watching people dancing or doing weird things on Instagram reels/TikTok? And then we wonder, why are we so alone? Why no one loves us? Why aren’t our life as interesting as others are? Of course, it’s not because you are sitting on your bed watching people dance which has nothing to do with you except diverting your attention from your boring life which is boring because you are sitting there — doing nothing.

Sometimes, it all makes me so angry that I just want to shout at the entire world for being stupid. But then, I am neither a saint myself nor your mother.

I know social media, the internet, and mobile phones are extremely important. In fact, I am able to get my word out there in the open because of the internet.

But there is a limit. There should be a limit. We all seem to be so consumed by the internet and so engrossed in our mobile phones as if the life around us doesn’t exist.

And do you know what’s the funny thing?

You already know all of this. You know that you are addicted to social media or using your mobile…

Renuka Gavrani

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