I Bought NOTHING For a Year; Here Is How It Changed My Lifestyle

1. My Relationship With Money Transformed:

As I said, when I first started making money, I built the mindset that spending money is a way of treating yourself for your hard work. Hence, I was spending on things that I never use.

2. Self-Control Stronger Than a Rock:

I admit that I used to lack self-control and that’s the reason one ad was enough to manipulate me into buying what I don’t want.

3. Happier, Satisfied, and Intentional Than Ever:

After that incident, I started decluttering my wardrobe and I got rid of almost 70% of the things I owned. Don’t worry, I didn’t throw them away, rather I donated them.

4. Don’t Let Your Happiness Be Dependent on Anything:

You and I are happy creatures but you have been manipulated into believing that you cannot be happy all the time.


After this one-year no-buying challenge, a lot has changed in my life. I no longer have a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, I have clothes that I truly need. I am no longer easier to manipulate, I have a strong mindset around money. I don’t spend money like ‘I don’t care’, I invest money rather in things I truly cherish.



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Renuka Gavrani

Renuka Gavrani

77k+on Instagram. I talk about books, manifestation, self-love, self-help & improvement. Support me here: buymeacoffee.com/renukagavrani