I Decided To Stop Being a ‘Nice Girl’ & So Should You (Boys, You too Stop BEING NICE)

Who is a Badass & How Can You Be The One:

1. Know Your Truth & Embrace It:

No one, absolutely no one in this world is perfect. In fact, people can even find faults in God so you and I are just a toy for the world to judge and find faults in. Get that?

2. Know Your Worth and Respect It:

If you are anything like me, you must have let people play with your self-worth as if it’s a football that anyone can kick.

  • Start with your name like I am — — —
  • Exactly how you have let people mistreat you, judge you and throw negative comments on you
  • Exactly how did it cause you to keep adjusting to your self-worth and
  • Exactly how you wish to be treated now, and finally
  • Write down FIRST how you are respecting yourself, loving yourself, and taking care of yourself because others wouldn’t treat you well if they know you don’t respect yourself either

3. Set Boundaries; Learn to Say NO:

I cannot even tell you how many times I had attended those parties that I hate because I didn’t how to say no or how many times I have gone out for lunch with friends because I didn’t want to hurt them or how many times I have sacrificed my peace and work because I was too afraid to say no.

4. Taking Your Decisions Independently:

When your self-esteem is lower, anyone can easily manipulate or influence you to change your decision. It happens mostly when you don’t know yourself and you believe that others are better than you to tell you what’s good for you.


I hope after reading this blog, you don’t seek validation from others and live a life that YOU ARE DESTINED FOR.



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Renuka Gavrani

Renuka Gavrani

77k+on Instagram. I talk about books, manifestation, self-love, self-help & improvement. Support me here: buymeacoffee.com/renukagavrani