I Launched My FIRST Book; Thanks to My Medium Readers

What if someone gives you $1M and asks you to spend the money however you like?

You can travel to your dream country or buy a big house. You can quit your job and enjoy life without worrying about your next paycheck. Everyone would jump on that offer, right? But no matter how tempting it sounds, you know no one is going to offer you $1M ever.

Well, my love, that’s where you are wrong.

When I first started writing on Medium, I was a pathetic writer. I didn’t have any clients to back my freelancing business so for the sake of productivity, I started writing one article every day on Medium.

I hadn’t expected anything from Medium. I used to think, ‘no one is going to find my articles interesting’

I kept posting articles for more than 5 months and never took a second to wonder where am I headed. But then things changed.

I started receiving so much love for my articles that I cried. When you cannot express your emotions through words, tears drop down your cheeks. That was the case with me. My chest was and still is so full of gratitude to each and every reader who read my articles and supported my work.

I was an underconfident girl who had no idea about her future. My future was dark and blurry. But look at me now. I am an AUTHOR.

Today, I published my first fiction book, The Wounds of My Words by Renuka Gavrani.

My Book

Well, let’s just say that Medium readers offered me that $1M worth of life. I wasn’t worthy of it. I never was. But my readers forced me to believe that I am a great writer. Since childhood, I never believed in myself. I didn’t even believe I am a writer let alone a great writer.

But when my readers started commenting on my articles that they loved what I had written or how my words soothed their hearts. Some people used to say, they crave my words. At first, I thought, it was just false flattery.

So you can imagine who I was. Neither did I believe in me nor did I believe in those who dared to believe me. But then, my articles started going viral and people loved whatever I was sharing.

And I had no choice but to think that ‘do I really write good?’

I am telling you if it was not for my Medium readers, I would have been washing dishes, doing some boring job, and waiting to marry so that I don’t have to work any longer’

But you guys transformed my life. You transformed me from a writer to an author. You injected self-confidence in me. You left me with no other choice but to write the book. So here it is for all of my Medium readers. The Acknowledgement of my book is dedicated to my Medium readers as well. Look,

to my readers

At first, I thought to add some lessons as well that I have learned in the journey so that more people read it. But then, I couldn’t. Because at this moment, I am not feeling anything else but pure love and immense gratitude for my readers.

I know a few people with names and some with profile pictures. People who have constantly supported me through their comments or generous tips. People who messaged me on Instagram. I cannot name them here or it would be favoritism. But know that, you have a special space in my heart.

Now, coming to the book, The Wounds of My Words:

What if the last thing you said to your mother was ‘leave me alone, Mom’

And your Mom takes it seriously and leaves you alone in this harsh world.

The only thing you are left with for the rest of your life is guilt, shame, and regret. You think you are an evil soul who should be dead.

But then life is not about escaping pain, is it?

A mom is a home for the child. And when the mom is gone, the child becomes homeless.

This story is about a homeless girl who is 16.

Her mother is gone because of her. She doesn’t want to live in a world where everything reminds her of her beautiful mother. She cannot bear the pain that she killed her mother.

But then, no matter how far a mom goes, she always finds a way to comfort her child.

This book is a guiding angel for those who feel lost and evil. This book is for those who feel lonely and miserable. People who have lost their loved ones and now the pain is killing them with every breath.

This book will teach you how to protect your relationships, how to enjoy life, how to find a reason to smile, and above all how to deal with death and pain.

There are a lot of people who will throw hacks or techniques on your face to deal with the pain and death of your loved ones. But all this advice sucks. Do you why?

Because you plant a piece of yourself in the hearts of people who loved you and who you loved. And when they are gone, you feel incomplete. You feel a void like they took away a part of you and you will never be the same again. That’s what death does. That’s what losing someone you loved does.

The pain is so hard that it starts hurting you physically as well. You don’t know what to do with those memories and love that your loved ones shared with you. You don’t how to deal with the kind of loneliness where you are surrounded by people but your heart is alone in a dark tunnel.

My book, The Wounds of My Words wouldn’t give you hacks. But it will soothe the pain in your heart.

The book covers a range of areas of our day-to-day life when we fail and feel sad. Our heart gets broken and we get cheated. We feel clueless and alone. We don’t seem to fit in. We feel regretful and guilty. We start thinking we are evil.

The Wounds of My Soul is a story of a normal girl. A girl whose mother is gone and no millionaire guy is coming to save her. She is alone and guilty. She seeks comfort but gets pain. Sounds relatable? Because our lives aren’t perfect. We all have some kind of a pain to deal with. But no one teaches us how to deal with it. Yes, there are hacks everywhere on intent.

But life is not a hack.

The Wounds of My Words is a book for common people like you and me who feel lost and misunderstood. People start thinking that they are evil or a waste of space. People who need love and care. People who are alone and scared. Hence, the book is for you. From my pain to yours, we will learn to live and love again.

You can buy the book from Amazon. If you have a kindle unlimited subscription, the book is available for Free to download.

PS; You supported me earlier and now I seek your support again. It would mean the world to me if you can read my book and share your reviews with me. I have high hopes from you.



100K on Instagram. I talk about slow & Intentional living. I wrote a book too, here: https://a.co/d/18omrHb

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Renuka Gavrani

100K on Instagram. I talk about slow & Intentional living. I wrote a book too, here: https://a.co/d/18omrHb