I Spent 48 Hours Watching Netflix Constantly; Here Is What Happened

I never liked watching movies or series when I was in college. I always thought life was too short to spend watching some stupid film for 2–3 hours. In fact, even when my friends used to insist on joining them, I used to convince them to do other ‘fun’ things rather than sitting in one place and watching a movie.

To me, talking for 3 hours about ‘how our college sucks’ was more interesting than ‘seeing someone else’s college life that is beyond reality’

But, things have changed. I no longer have any friends in my hometown, and the only way to entertain myself (or rather distract myself) was to try Netflix. And guess what?

Now, I define myself as a Netflix detective. I have watched all the best movies and series (4+ times F.R.I.E.N.D.S). What’s even more shocking is that I binge-watch everything. I make it a point to complete the entire series within 2–3 days. One episode after another until the series is finished or my eyes cry for some sleep.

Even though I have been binge-watching for a long time now, I wanted to consciously examine ‘how this bad habit was impacting my life?’

So, what did I do?

I watched Netflix for 48 hours on loop (yes, one series after another), and the after-effect shocked me.

Let’s dive right into them:

I am a big believer in slow and intentional living. I believe in romanticizing life and making every moment of life beautiful as if my life is an art. Though, after binge-watching Netflix, I started thinking that my real life sucks and that there is nothing interesting left to enjoy.

In fact, I was completely happy at one minute but sad or desperate the other second. I found myself just sitting without any energy or will to take active participation in my own life. All I could think about was ‘how that girl from the movie was living the life I always dreamt for myself’’

All in all, after watching the glorifying life of someone else without thinking about how my brain is processing it, I became uninterested because duh! Real life is not as shiny and perfect as we see in movies.

I was giggling while watching Netflix as if my life is perfect and I don’t lack anything at the moment. However, without Netflix, I was just a physical body with no life in my eyes, no smile on my face, and no awareness of ‘now’

I challenge you to analyze your behavior as well. Analyze how after watching a damn good movie, you start finding everything boring in your real life, and how you start missing the little details that are supposed to make your days beautiful like the sunshine or the sweet smell of your coffee.

After my graduation, I started working from home. Since I was far away from my college friends, I found my refugee in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series. Watching them was like revisiting my college days. However, it didn’t stop there.

In no time, I started imagining myself having fun with my friends in the upcoming future. Series like ‘Never Have I Ever’ or ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ created unnecessary expectations in my mind about having a ‘perfect-cute-intelligent boyfriend’

Now, the problem is when your expectations and reality don’t match, you feel disheartened and betrayed.

For example, I watched ‘The Bold Type’ series for 48 hours, and guess what? This story is about 3 girl best friends who stay by each other no matter even if it costs them their own job. But can this happen in reality? NO! In reality, you will not get such amazing friends who sacrifice their happiness for you. Though you may get friends who bitch about you behind your back. Ouchh! That’s going to hurt.

Similarly, the boss of these 3 girls is a more loving woman than a real mother. Can this happen in reality? NO! My previous boss used to insult me and she made me question if I can ever be a writer.

So, the conclusion is, that these web series and movies are setting unnecessary and unrealistic expectations in your mind. When you build these expectations in your life, you create a path of self-destruction.

I cannot simply throw all the blame on web series or on Netflix. I was binge-watching Netflix even when I knew I was letting unrealistic expectations enter my mind because I WAS ADDICTED.

Truth be told, these movies aren’t to be blamed. They show a perfect world so that you binge-watch Netflix and they can make money. And even if these movies start showing real-life incidents, things that happen in normal people’s life then you wouldn’t watch them because reality sucks. Your real life is boring and that’s why you seek refuge in these movies.

And I am a living example of it. After watching one episode of any series, I automatically click on the next episode again and again as if I have no control over my brain. I crave more. I promise myself just one more episode. Why?

Web series are way more interesting than my real life. And as our brain needs entertainment and comfort, no matter how hard you try, you lose your control. And just like me, you and everyone else keep clicking on the next episode.

When was the last time you did something that you truly enjoy? Or When was the last time you sat with your loved ones over a cup of coffee and talked like there is no tomorrow or nothing to rush towards?

If you are like me, you may have lost the connection between your hobbies. You and I have time for social media and for Netflix, but we don’t have 15 minutes to reconnect with our hobbies or chat with someone we love.

After binge-watching Netflix, I felt a weird disconnection from the real world. I felt I only wanted to stay in my head and keep recreating the scenes I watched in a movie. And do you know what’s even worse? I was doing this consciously, yet I could not get out of this vicious trap. So, imagine what happens in our minds when we binge-watch unconsciously?

I think this is the high time when you start taking out at least 10 minutes from your ‘busy’ day for yourself. To do the things that your inner child loves. Maybe to draw, dance, laugh, read, look at the stars, witness the sunset, or do anything you love from within. It is the time when you reconnect with your inner child, with your life, with your loved ones, and with the things that light up your eyes.

I encourage you to analyze your day-to-day life and examine what’s disconnecting you from your life.

I am not asking you to stop watching Netflix or uninstall it nor am I going to do that. However, I wanted to give you a reality check of what happens in your mind when you binge-watch. It’s my suggestion to stop binge-watching movies/series because it’s going to be more dangerous than you can ever imagine. You may think, Renuka, I am not like you and I don’t face these problems. But the reality is You are not self-aware. Anyone who has even a little awareness can realize how binge-watching works like a slow poison.

I hope you learn something from my observations and make your real life more fun and interesting than living on Netflix.



100K on Instagram. I talk about books, self-love, & self-improvement. For ghost writing gigs; renukawork1@gmail.com

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Renuka Gavrani

100K on Instagram. I talk about books, self-love, & self-improvement. For ghost writing gigs; renukawork1@gmail.com