I Spent 48 Hours Watching Netflix Constantly; Here Is What Happened

Renuka Gavrani
6 min readSep 19, 2022

I never liked watching movies or series when I was in college. I always thought life was too short to spend watching some stupid film for 2–3 hours. In fact, even when my friends used to insist on joining them, I used to convince them to do other ‘fun’ things rather than sitting in one place and watching a movie.

To me, talking for 3 hours about ‘how our college sucks’ was more interesting than ‘seeing someone else’s college life that is beyond reality’

But, things have changed. I no longer have any friends in my hometown, and the only way to entertain myself (or rather distract myself) was to try Netflix. And guess what?

Now, I define myself as a Netflix detective. I have watched all the best movies and series (4+ times F.R.I.E.N.D.S). What’s even more shocking is that I binge-watch everything. I make it a point to complete the entire series within 2–3 days. One episode after another until the series is finished or my eyes cry for some sleep.

Even though I have been binge-watching for a long time now, I wanted to consciously examine ‘how this bad habit was impacting my life?’

So, what did I do?

I watched Netflix for 48 hours on loop (yes, one series after another), and the after-effect shocked me.

Let’s dive right into them:

1. Real World Sucks:

I am a big believer in slow and intentional living. I believe in romanticizing life and making every moment of life beautiful as if my life is an art. Though, after binge-watching Netflix, I started thinking that my real life sucks and that there is nothing interesting left to enjoy.

In fact, I was completely happy at one minute but sad or desperate the other second. I found myself just sitting without any energy or will to take active participation in my own life. All I could think about was ‘how that girl from the movie was living the life I always dreamt for myself’’

All in all, after watching the glorifying life of someone else without thinking about how my brain is processing it, I became uninterested because duh! Real life is not as shiny and perfect as we see in movies.

Renuka Gavrani

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