I Spent 48 Hours Watching Netflix Constantly; Here Is What Happened

1. Real World Sucks:

I am a big believer in slow and intentional living. I believe in romanticizing life and making every moment of life beautiful as if my life is an art. Though, after binge-watching Netflix, I started thinking that my real life sucks and that there is nothing interesting left to enjoy.

2. Unnecessary Expectations:

After my graduation, I started working from home. Since I was far away from my college friends, I found my refugee in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series. Watching them was like revisiting my college days. However, it didn’t stop there.

3. Can I Have More, Please?

I cannot simply throw all the blame on web series or on Netflix. I was binge-watching Netflix even when I knew I was letting unrealistic expectations enter my mind because I WAS ADDICTED.

4. Disconnected From the Real World:

When was the last time you did something that you truly enjoy? Or When was the last time you sat with your loved ones over a cup of coffee and talked like there is no tomorrow or nothing to rush towards?


I am not asking you to stop watching Netflix or uninstall it nor am I going to do that. However, I wanted to give you a reality check of what happens in your mind when you binge-watch. It’s my suggestion to stop binge-watching movies/series because it’s going to be more dangerous than you can ever imagine. You may think, Renuka, I am not like you and I don’t face these problems. But the reality is You are not self-aware. Anyone who has even a little awareness can realize how binge-watching works like a slow poison.



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Renuka Gavrani

Renuka Gavrani


100K on Instagram. I talk about books, self-love, & self-improvement. For ghost writing gigs; renukawork1@gmail.com