I Was Dumb As Hell But These 3 Books Made Me Emotionally Strong

3 Books To Make You Emotionally Strong:

1. The Power Of Now:

If I could, I would have gifted this one book to the entire universe, yes I love this book that much.

2. The Laws Of Human Nature:

Have you ever thought why some people are always hungry for attention? Well, on an honest note, we all crave attention. Although, some people may argue on that but this is the reality. However, there are some people who go crazy if they don’t get a definite amount of attention and such a person can go to any extent to steal your attention.

3. The Rudest Book Ever:

Okay, be very honest, no cheating. Have you ever made imaginary scenarios where you are the best person, you have everything you ever wanted, you are behaving like a Queen/King while your crush is crushing on you?



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Renuka Gavrani

Renuka Gavrani

77k+on Instagram. I talk about books, manifestation, self-love, self-help & improvement. Support me here: buymeacoffee.com/renukagavrani