If Nothing Is Going Good In Your Life & You’re Tired of Life, Read This

Renuka Gavrani
3 min readFeb 1, 2024

Not an article but a sudden excitement towards life — an entry from the journal of a person who is in love with life.

Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Look at the sky and how the color of clouds so perfectly fit with it and make it look like the most beautiful painting ever created in this world.

Look at the trees and birds and how nature’s beauty soothes our hearts’ worries. All of it is made by the invisible power present in our Universe. Though I call this power, God, you might be calling it the Universe or you may not believe in this power at all.

Whatever the case may be, there is something in this Universe that designed our world so beautifully that just being around nature connects with something deep within our souls. Like something within our souls is aligned with nature — making our mind silent as we walk amongst the trees, our hearts filled with gratitude when autumn comes, and all our worldly problems float away when we look at the sky and our souls can connect to the depth of the ocean.

If you take a second and analyze what I am saying, you will realize that anything that is created by the Universe whether it’s the sky, trees, birds, animals, humans, or ocean is so creatively and strategically designed that everything so perfectly complements each other like how the human heart is capable of so much kindness and the love we share with each other and how animals share a special bond with humans and how looking at the greenery calm us.

Whoever designed our Universe surely didn’t make any mistakes and designed everything after a careful analysis so we can experience the joy of being alive.

Now look at everything that humans have designed and how fatal and ugly it is. We destroyed trees to build industries. We made each other believe that our nose and hair and nails and height should be perfect and thus, let the makeup industry thrive on our insecurities. How we destroyed animals and even after years of research, and brainstorming, everything that we created has flaws.

This just reminds me of one thing that I have been thinking lately ‘The Universe who designed everything in our world so perfectly and invited us to experience must have plans for us as well. We are the creation of this Universe and it must be creating something beautiful for us too.’

And even though there are times when we cannot see that ‘beautiful ending’ for ourselves, the Universe is in the process of doing its job. No matter how hard you try to control everything and overthink your situation, sometimes, you will end up creating more mess than beauty. So perhaps, if you leave a few things that you cannot control in the Universe and let it do its job, your life will turn out just as perfectly.

Consider this article a message for you to stop being so controlling, bossy, and desperate about everything. Surrender those things to the Universe, and ask it to take the lead and allow it to craft your life as beautiful as the sky, trees, and mountains. And remember one thing, you are the creation of this Universe, it wouldn’t let you live an ordinary life. It has bigger and more beautiful things in store for you. Believe in it and enjoy the beauty around you until then.



Renuka Gavrani

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