Life Is Not a Hack; Who Should Decide How You Are Going To Live

Renuka Gavrani
8 min readSep 17, 2022

Everywhere you look, there are advice and hacks and techniques on how to live LIFE.

Being a full-time book blogger, I have read more than 200 self-help books. In each and every book, I found advice, best-selling advice to make my life better, happier, more successful, and whatnot.

Being a YouTuber and writer, perhaps, that’s what I am supposed to do as well — TO TELL YOU HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE.

But I guess, that’s where the root cause of the majority of our problems lies. You and I expect that this blog, this YouTube video, this book, or this podcast can solve the mystery of your life. We are manipulated into believing that people who are giving advice have Figured Out life.

We are manipulated into believing that waking up at 5 am will make us peaceful, we are manipulated into believing that working 8 hours a day is a definition of hard work, and we are manipulated into believing that following ‘5 techniques’ can make you successful, productive, and happy. Perhaps, that is the reason we keep promising ourselves to start a new diet, new workout routine, new working style, and new productivity routine from Monday.

But does anything change on Monday? Well, not really!

Because deep down, you know that your life is not a problem that can be solved with certain hacks. You know that your problems are unique and they cannot be solved with the same 5 rules that everyone is asking you to follow. You know that your dreams are different so you need a customized path of your own.

If you can see yourself here, and if you think that you want to live a life, here are some observations from my life that might help you.

1. Don’t Consume Content Unconsciously:

Since the internet has become our second home, it is way easier to access any information on any topic. And I believe that is the reason why we consume content even if we don’t need it.

A video with an attention-grabbing thumbnail pops up in your feed and duh! You start watching it. Sharing my personal example, I post Medium articles once in two days. And I used to watch 6–7 YouTube videos every morning to justify that I am…



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