Life Is Not a Hack; Who Should Decide How You Are Going To Live

1. Don’t Consume Content Unconsciously:

Since the internet has become our second home, it is way easier to access any information on any topic. And I believe that is the reason why we consume content even if we don’t need it.

2. Do ONE Thing For You:

If I ask, what do you do for yourself? What’s that one thing that keeps your soul young and alive, what would be your answer?

  1. Making money category
  2. Productivity category or
  3. Success Category

3. Get Curious About Yourself:

Up until my graduation, I used to ignore everything that is by definition a waste of time. Since high school, I did everything to get a good job and a secure future.

4. Get Excited About Life:

I am an introvert with no friends in my hometown to enjoy life or make my 20s wild. But does that mean my life cannot be fun and exciting?


I don’t know if I was able to make my point or not. But I HOPE after reading this article, you stop treating your life like a problem that needs to be solved or a bunch of rules that are pre-determined for everyone. I wrote this line in my journal yesterday, probably that will sum up this article:



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Renuka Gavrani

Renuka Gavrani


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