My Current Mindset: Even If You Abuse Me, I Will Be Just As Peaceful

Renuka Gavrani
6 min readMar 1, 2024

In a world where everyone has the right to say anything to you at any given time, it’s not only difficult to maintain your ‘calm’ but it has become challenging to be yourself.

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When I was a child and people used to say mean things to me, I used to think ‘When I get older and become successful then I will shut your mouth.’

When I was in college and my classmates made fun of me, I used to think ‘Wait, until my chance comes.’

When I quit my job to continue my writing career, and people made fun of me for creating content on Instagram, I wondered ‘If I am just being stupid to think I can do something good.’

If you notice, at every stage, my idea to deal with the comments/judgments of people was constantly changing.

  • When I was younger, I used to feel bad for myself so I developed the desire to prove them wrong.
  • As I grew older, I thought people were mean because maybe they could see through my flaws.
  • Then I started doubting myself based on what I thought people were saying about me.

The result?

To tell you the truth, as long as I was listening to those judgments and allowing my mind to sit with those mean comments, my entire focus…



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