One Important Lesson We Can All Learn from Americans; Why Americans Grow Faster

Renuka Gavrani
6 min readMay 31

As a child, I had a dream of visiting the United States. It used to fascinate me. Like there is something about that country that used to fuel me.

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I grew up in a developing country with people around me talking about how life is luxurious and easy in America. There were films and books that used to compare life in India vs life in America.

There is no doubt that there is something about America that makes you want to dream big, live wildly, and accept new ideas. And that something used to attract me to America as well. It still does sometimes.

As a kid, I used to think that Americans invent and the rest of the nations just adopt. I used to think that Americans are the smartest people. But I was wrong.

America is not great because it invents. America is great because it adapts faster. And this one lesson from, if you learn, Americans, will change your life.

America is Open-Minded & Opportunistic:

America invented stress. I know some Americans might get triggered but hear me out.

America is not known for peace, health, or satisfaction. America is known for achieving more, being more, becoming more, and finding a purpose in life. Americans have attached their self-worth to their purpose and success. Hence, if you do more, you are being productive. If you are taking a rest for no reason, you are wasting your life.

The birth of stress.

However, meditation was born in Hinduism, India. Hindus (religion) were the first ones to invent meditation. Meditation and other activities like Yoga that help you relax your mind and focus originated in India by Hindus.

Yet, Hindus stopped paying attention to it as soon as countries around the globe started focusing on globalization. They started viewing meditation as a waste of time and insulted the people who used to meditate.

However, Americans, when they learned about meditation, accepted the idea of meditation. Not only they accepted the idea of meditation, but they also studied it in depth.

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