Progress Makes Us Happy; How You Can Achieve Everything You Dream of

People are making spaceships and you cannot get what you want?

Renuka Gavrani


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This blog, before I even start let me tell you, is not about motivating you to go home or go big. I am not here to motivate you to dream big, work hard, and burn yourself until you cannot see where you are headed.

Since we have established that, let’s get back to the point.

A few days back, I was watching a video by one of the YouTubers about how to build your dream life and she said one thing that stuck with me.

She said, People are making spaceships and you cannot get what you want? Get out of your comfort zone and get what you dream of.

Sometimes, a piece of advice comes in the form of a gentle kiss whereas other times, it comes in the form of a tight slap on the face. This advice definitely came as a slap (and it still hurts).

Why? Because what if someone tells you that the reason you don’t have what you dream of is because you are too lazy and your excuses are lame? That would hurt, right? So it did hurt me.

But her statement made me realize one thing,

“There are no hacks to productivity or getting your work done. There is no second option for how to achieve what you want. If you are still thinking about it, that just means one thing — you don’t want it bad enough to try 10 things by now and figure out on your own how to move ahead.”

For example; I wanted to start my YouTube channel for the past 2 years. I started and gave up multiple times. Last year, I started again and gave up. After posting just 4 videos, I started questioning my worth. I started doubting if I am good enough to be a YouTuber or not. My mind started telling me why I might never be able to make it, proof of all the times I have failed in the past and how I am putting myself out there to be laughed at.

So, I started making excuses to myself to convince myself why I shouldn’t go ahead. The best excuse I could find was — I don’t have a good camera and perfect background to shoot my videos so I must wait until things are perfect.

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