Stop Romanticizing Your Life: Do This Instead

So, what’s wrong with this anyway?

Well, your imagination shapes your reality and here you are. Sitting there, thinking how broke you can be and then how a perfect angel-like person will come to save you. The problem with this is that you CHOOSE to believe that YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH to change your life all by yourself. You rely your hope on someone who doesn’t exist. And that’s why, when things don’t fall as per your imagination, and you find yourself all alone with nobody to even ask ‘how are you doing, you feel shattered and devasted and depressed.

The question is, WHAT TO DO INSTEAD?

When I said I am in love with the concept of romanticizing my life, I meant I am in love with:

Exercise to Make Your Life the Most Beautiful Movie Ever:

1. Write Down the Script: I want you to take a diary, and a pen, and write down the script of your life. Write down how you want your life to turn out. Write exactly what are your expectations from this beautiful journey. Don’t make it a formula that must be followed as it is but keep the doors for the magic to happen openly. This step is extremely important as this is the stage when you first time tell yourself what you want, how you want it, and who you want it from.



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Renuka Gavrani

Renuka Gavrani


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