Stop Romanticizing Your Life: Do This Instead

Renuka Gavrani
6 min readJul 4, 2022

You must have watched those YouTube or maybe read those books that encourage you to romanticize your life, haven’t you?

Well, I have. And to be honest, only by watching those videos, I used to fall back into my imaginary world where I am the QUEEN of the world. In fact, just after imagining how it would feel to romanticize my life, I used to feel a different kind of adrenaline rush running through my veins, something that I cannot explain in words.

You might be thinking, Renuka, if you love the concept of romanticizing life then why are you stopping us to believe in it?

Well, after experimenting, learning, watching, and reading about romanticizing life, I came up with this one explanation which is: Everyone is already romanticizing their life. They just don’t know the nature of their character yet.


Let me tell you how you are already walking down on this concept and why this can be the most dangerous thing for your future.

But let’s first understand what romanticizing life really means, shall we?

Romanticizing your life means becoming the main character of your life as if your entire day is being recorded like a movie. In short, you act like you are in a movie playing the role of the main character.

But here is the thing!

Consciously or unconsciously, we all are acting as the movie character behaves. HOW?

In any typical movie, the story starts with a girl and a boy. Either the girl is broken and finds herself in a dark tunnel with depression, stress, and anxiety accompanying her all the time (not to mention a poor girl is seen more often) or the same situation is played by the boy. Then?

Then the boy comes into her life as the HERO who saves her from this cruel world, gives her hope, teaches her how to love, and falls in love with her. Then?

Both of them face this world TOGETHER like God was conspiring from heaven for their paths to collide.

Sounds familiar?

If not the girl, then the boy is broken and then the girl comes as the Goddess to play the exact same role that we have just read. And if there is no…



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