Stop Worshipping the Devil

Renuka Gavrani
7 min readJun 4

It takes less than a second to develop a desire for something you didn’t even know existed. And then be sad about it until you finally get it just to realize ‘it’s not that great.’ That’s the reality of our world. And that is the key reason why dissatisfaction never leaves our side.

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Whether you believe in it or not,

There is a superior power in the world that is always listening to you.

I call that superior power ‘God.’ Some people call it the ‘universe.’

But whatever you name it, there is a more powerful force than a human mind that keeps everything in balance. A power that listens to you and gives you exactly what you keep asking for.

Now, some people will argue with me that ‘No, that’s not true, Renuka. I want a million dollars, a nice house, a high-paying job, a beautiful partner, and, if possible, a trip to Europe. But all I get is problems.’

And I agree. There is a list in our minds that seem to be far from our reality. We want a trip to Italy but what do we get? We don’t even get the chance to explore our own city or country properly.

And in that case, if a person like me comes out of nowhere and says that the Universe is listening to you then obviously, you will call me stupid. But before you do, hear me out. Okay?

1. You Manifest Problems:

Even if you don’t believe in manifestation, I am sure you must have heard about how manifestation works, right?

Although there are many ways to attract what you want, the ground rule of all of those ways is to — Believe from all your heart that you can have what you have in your mind. It is advised that you imagine in detail what you want and believe with all your heart that it will happen. That is the core of manifestation.

Now, tell me one thing, how many times a day do you practice that?

I guess never. Sure, there must be a few things that you want but how often do you imagine yourself enjoying that ‘thing.’ Or how strongly do you believe you will achieve it?

For example; I want a trip to Edinburgh, U.K. It’s something that I want from all my heart. From time to time, I do imagine myself being in Edinburgh but…

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