That Dream Was Placed in Your Heart for a Reason; A Heart-Felt Interaction With Life & Goals

How your childhood experiences are holding you back

Renuka Gavrani
8 min readJun 6


I am a big loser. That’s what I believed for most of my life. I didn’t trust myself until I was 18. And that still affects how I function today.

Most of us think that what happened in the past is a thing of the past. All water under the bridge, right? But that’s not true. How you were treated in childhood affects how you treat yourself today. You can break the chain but first, you need to acknowledge that the chain of your past is holding you back.

There are a lot of people who dream big and want to become successful. I am one of those people. Since you are here after reading the title, I guess you too want to be successful or achieve your desired goals, right?

But then something stops you. Sometimes it’s procrastination while other times it’s your fear of being judged by others. And then either you read articles like these, or books and watch videos on ‘how to achieve your goals and how to become productive’ in the hope that any of this can actually make you successful. No wonder there are so many books and videos dedicated to productivity and success.

And if you are afraid of judgments from people around you, well in that case, most people wait until they are in their 60s just to realize no one really gives a damn about you so you could have started on your dream project and lived your dream life.

No matter what you think is stopping you, it’s actually just an excuse that your hidden childhood experiences are throwing at you.

That’s the case with the majority of us. And today, I want to share my story so you can analyze how our past defines us.

I grew up believing that I am good for nothing. I was extremely shy and introverted. I still am. I never scored good grades nor I thought I ever could. And because of that, I was always compared. My cousins and siblings were all better at studies than me. And when my aunts said things to or about me, I used to create this goal in my mind that I will prove to her that I can score good grades too.



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