The ONLY Formula That Guarantees Success & Self-Satisfaction

Becoming successful doesn’t have to haunt your mental health or burn you out.

Renuka Gavrani


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I thought I would start this article in either of these two ways:

a) I was broke once. I didn’t know what I wanted or if I could become successful. But if I can, so can you. Here is what helped me.

(No offense. But all self-help articles and books start something like this and we buy these stories like innocent people. We feel ‘Oh yes, this person went through the exact same thing that we are feeling today’ so let’s do what he/she says whether it is buying a new book or a course)

b) I love working towards my dream life. If you want to feel the same way, follow my blueprint to success.

(Oh crap! This is even worse. Do you know why? Because no one knows what their dream lives look like.)

The NO Formula of Success:

You must be thinking, after trying to sound ‘all cool and smart,’ how come I can say there is only one formula for success?

I put forward both scenarios (above) to tell you — how the world usually tries to give advice on becoming successful and how easily you buy all this advice.

The thing is, no matter how great a book, podcast, or article sounds while you are reading it, not even a single piece of advice can be implemented for a prolonged period of time. Today, you are reading this article and everything seems to be fine in your life. But then life changes, something comes up that needs your attention and you forget about what you learned about ‘how to become successful.’

For example; To give you the most honest reality check of the self-help industry, let me tell you this: Every person who is giving advice on social media (no matter how big or small), they all want two things: a) to make you feel that their advice is the best, b) they already have what you want.

To achieve both these targets they exaggerate their struggles to tell you, ‘even when they through hell, they achieved success’ then you start to compare your struggles with theirs — always concluding that ‘your problems are not even real problems because



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