These 2 Minimalistic Habits Are Changing My Life & Making Me Happier; Why You Should Adopt These Too

1. Boycott Shopping:

Okay, I accept, that boycott is a strong word but I had to use it for myself. I was never the kind of girl who spend a lot of money on clothes but I was definitely a stupid girl who stuff her wardrobe with clothes that are JUST trendy but made me uncomfortable. Result?

2. Invest in Me:

Although, I decided to limit my expenditure, this time in the right direction. So, after taking the decision not to shop for clothes mindlessly, I decided to invest in myself.


I cannot stress enough how not shopping mindlessly and investing in myself has changed my life. If you learn just one thing from this blog then learn the power of investing in yourself and all other things will follow you. I hope you become more mindful of your wants, thus be happy and learn to invest in yourself.



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Renuka Gavrani

Renuka Gavrani


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