This Book Taught Me I Am Beyond My Mind And Thinking: Awareness, The Key To Living In Balance by Osho Book Summary

Renuka Gavrani
11 min readApr 18, 2022

One of my all time favorite genres is human psychology. I love to read and explore how the human brain works, what makes us choose one thing over another and how we form the basis of our thinking.

While the human psychology books dig deeper into the typical human brain and try to decode the meaning of everything, spiritual books simply suggest that you are beyond your mind. In fact, the mind is nothing but a tool that you should use whenever you like.

I believe that both the genres are contradictory to each other but at the same time, both the genres tell us that the human brain is a series of past memories. Without your past, you are just a soul with no thought at all.

For example: If I ask you, why is helping people good? You will give me hundreds of reasons without even thinking. Because you have been taught every little thing, what is good, what is bad, what is happy, what is sad and the like.

In this way, you have no power of your own. You are just living a series of past incidents without even realizing it. In Osho’s book, Awareness, he talks about how we are a victim of our thinking, how we can separate our brain from our core, and how we can become aware which means living in a meditation-like position all day.

Let’s first understand why you need to go beyond your mind or what’s the problem ‘if we are our thoughts’

How Brain Functions And Creates Problems:

Although, there is much to say on how the brain functions but all in all, the brain’s key work is to THINK. And this thinking is the reason behind all the problems we face in our life.

Thinking simply means, you see something, you evaluate it and you judge it based on your past memories and experiences. You look at a flower and you judge it by labeling it as beautiful or not beautiful. You hear a song and you judge the voice, lyrics or overall music. No matter if it is appreciation or condemnation, you…



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