Why Law of Attraction And The Secret Book Don’t Make Sense!!

“Why The Secret Book and Its Law of Attraction is Useless”

If you had mentioned about the law of attraction to any scientist few years ago, they would have called you insane. Because science believes in logic and as per science, our body has an aura and our body has protons, if I speak in laymen terms then these protons are like magnet. Now try to understand this, the magnet has two polls, north poll and south poll. The opposite polls attract each other, they can’t attract same polls. In fact, the same polls repel. If we keep this concept into consideration then your positive thoughts should attract negative thoughts and vibes. Hence, science simply doesn’t believe in the law of attraction.

Here is how:

As per the book, The Secret, the rules of the law of attraction says:

I am going to break down what I have learnt from Bhagwat Geeta to make the law of attraction work for you:

  1. Man is made by his belief: Lord Shri Krishna explains in Bhagwat Geeta that “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is” which means that your reality is shaped by your perception and your thoughts. The way you see the world, the world becomes like that for you. If you think you are a happy person, you become happy and your subconscious mind starts searching for happiness rather than focusing on problems. Hence, if you want your goals to come true, you will have to believe that you can achieve them.



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Renuka Gavrani

Renuka Gavrani


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